Graphic Designer Recruitment

Job Description


Job Description:

Hours:                         Full Time

Permanent/Fixed Term:               Permanent

Location:                        Amoy, China


Main Responsibilities


● Independently complete original brand designs work according to new product development plans.

● Develop customized artwork designs to satisfy customers’ needs and requirements.

● Creatively design on packaging and display artwork etc. on the basis of relevant customer reference materials.

● Responsible for product plane & video shooting proposal and execution.

● Design overall visual of all series of products and and brand VI system.

● Participate in creative discussions on new product launch, promotion & design and other project proposals.

● Responsible for creating and maintaining original design database.


Personal Specification:

● Experience

  • ◇ Appreciation and understanding of key international high fashion beauty and lifestyle markets.
  • ◇ Accumulate at least 2 years of relevant working experience of design.

● Skills

  • ◇ Excellent organizational and planning ability
  • ◇ Excellent cross functional team management skills
  • ◇ Presentation & Communication skills
  • ◇ Able to work in a fast paced and challenging environment
  • ◇ Excellent on creation&innovation, visual expression and execution
  • ◇ Proficient in AI, PHOTOSHOP, COREDRAW
  • ◇ Capable to use PC system and MAC system
  • ◇ Good visual aesthetic and keen insight into designs of popular elements
  • ◇ Proficient in English and designing experiences in cosmetics industry are preferred

● Competencies

  • ◇ Bachelor degree or above in graphic design, art design, fine arts, etc.
  • ◇ Adaptable/flexible – able to undertake multiple task
  • ◇ Organized
  • ◇ Strong communicator
  • ◇ Strong drive and motivation
  • ◇ High sense of responsibility and team spirits
  • ◇ Professional ethics and high degree of confidentiality


If you are interested in this position, please attach your resume to the email: