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WHAT WE DO We offer glorious and comprehensive beauty solutions to our customers, including trendy and iconic items of body & bath beauty accessories, lifestyle & home fragrances as well as pet care categories. Landy has a reputation for its Brand & Design institutions, industrial manufacturing BU, and global trade center, and experts in building and marketing brands in China and those in other potential markets.
NEWS & EVENTS Landy is excited to present its latest own-brand creation, A Plus has been developed by a dynamic collective of beauty experts & designers who combine the best of backstage knowledge. The inspiring breakthroughs fuse the art of skincare and aromatherapy with the science of formulation.
LANDY DNA Founded on core values of passion and innovation, our team constantly evolves creative spirits. Based on a pleasant work environment, we dream big and always manage to make it happen. Persisting on original intention and conviction, we share and inherit LANDY DNA to achieve goals.
GREEN POLICY Pledge to campaign for environmental issues with high standards of eco-friendly awareness to promote sustainable developments in society. We apply recycled materials, the energy-saving equipment and choose green transport for enhancing the rates of recycling and Zero Waste.